Looking For Obituaries: Where To Find Them

When a person passes, many times an obituary is published as a notice of their death. Traditionally, family members or close friends place this notice in the local newspaper. This announcement is a way of informing the special people about the funeral or memorial service.

As you look to trace your ancestry and fill in gaps, finding obituaries is an important part of the process. While you can simply visit your favorite search engine to see what you can find, this method can take quite some time and is not the most efficient strategy. Whether you want to find your last name meaning, where you originated from, find your roots, or something else, learning how to properly find obituaries can be quite helpful. Use these helpful tips in your search.

To start with, it can be helpful to know some general search tips. For instance, if you are looking for a keyword phrase that you want an exact match for, put quotation marks around the phrase.

It can be quite helpful to know some tips for finding the obituaries themselves. The more information you have about the person or people you are looking for, the more likely you will be to find exactly what you want. First of all, many times the first name on the record is not the name you know the person as. Also, the city listed on the report is not always where the person lived. You can look at newspaper websites, too, in the area the person hailed from or lived in. Nearly all newspapers publish current obituaries on their websites and you can find them this way.

If you are looking for an obituary that is many months or years old, you can visit your local library. Talk with the librarian as they can help you look through newspapers. Many times these will be on a microfilm machine. You cannot take these out of the library, but you can record any information that you find. If the person you are searching for did not live in your area, you may need to either visit faraway libraries or contact them to see if they can help you gather the information you desire.

As you can see, finding obituaries is something that is quite easy to do with the right tips. Use this information to help in your quest for finding family information.