Studying Genealogy Is Important

Genealogy is the process of tracing family history and lineage. It's a way to discover about our ancestors, our heritage, our racial background and other characteristics. It's a way for us to better understand ourselves.

Studying genealogy is important for a number of reasons:

1. To PinPoint Racial Background

There are various races in the world. However, determining a person's race is not as easy as simply looking at a person. An individual may be comprised of African, English, and American Indian, for example, all rolled into one. One of the best ways to pinpoint the various races that may be part of your background is to study your genealogy. By accessing as many records as you can find, you can better understand your racial background.

2. It's The Best Way To Be Educated On Your Ancestry

Family stories about your ancestry are likely passed down from generation to generation. However, documents and things that are written down are the best way to educated yourself on your family history and on what happened in your family history. For example, if you have a relative who died on the Titanic, it would be possible for you to determine exactly if this happened by studying the records. You may have heard that you had a family member die in this way, but written genealogy records will confirm it.

3. To Determine If Someone Famous Is In Your History

If you're a celebrity buff, you may want to study your family history to determine if there are celebrities in your family line. Are you related to one of the famous 1920s movie stars, for example?

4. To Determine If There Are Medical Problems

Some medical problems are passed on through the genes. Studying your genealogy is a way for you to determine if there are significant medical problems in your ancestry. For example, if you have a parent who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, did other people in your family history have it as well. Are you likely to develop the disease based on your family history?

5. To Settle Legal Problems

You may want to discover if you own certain land passed down by a family member. Or perhaps you want to settle some other family inheritance. A genealogy report can help in that regard.

Studying your family history is the best way to get accurate information about your family's past. Start with reputable sources and work from there.