Picking Baby Names

You can never really choose the wrong name for your baby, it is always going to be a decision filled with love. As long as you put thought and consideration into your babies name that is ultimately all that matters.

However, you do have to remember that your baby will become an adult and have to live with the name you choose. We have several tips listed below that will help you pick the perfect name for your new bundle of joy.

Listen to how the name sounds. It is important to say your babies full name over and over. Make sure it has a nice ring to it and that it sounds pleasant to hear. Try to stay away from harsh sounding names. The first and middle name should flow nicely into the babies last name.

There are a number of parents who believe that a long name works well with a short last name and a short first name should be used with a longer last name. While naming your baby you might want to brush up on your English skills and remember how to use vowels. It is typically not in good fashion to end the first name with a vowel if the last name begins with a vowel so stay away from Ada Andrews, as it all runs together.

Rhyming names are also out of favor now and should be avoided like Jack Black. There are many individuals who get a kick out of giving their child a pun name like "Holly Wood". While it may be cute when your child is young, it will be a difficult name to deal with as they grow into adulthood.

How Unique Should A Name Be? Many parents struggle for the full nine months to find a name that will help establish and distinguish their child from the herd. By giving a child such a unique name may actually backfire and give much-unwanted attention to the child. This is especially true of odd spellings and pronunciations of names, your child will be forced to correct people their entire life on how to say their names correctly.

Finding Significance In Names One of the best ways to find an excellent name for your child is to research names online and look through your family history to find the right name. You may be able to find a name buried deep in your families past that would have significant meaning in today's history.

Watch Those Initials Many parents forget to watch their children's initials when naming them and unintentionally create a series of unfortunate events. Do you think naming your son Zachary Ian Thomas is going to make him too happy during high school? Our guess is he is going to be stuck with the nickname "ZIT" for at least four years of his life. The same holds true for naming your daughter Sally Esther Xanthopoulos.

Choose Names That Will Progress Well With Age We understand that your baby is well a baby and you will never be able to imagine them as an adult, but if you want the best for them you have to. Try to think of the name you have chosen going with your child through life, is it going to do them more good than harm? While your child is adorable right now they will grow up and is a name like Bunny or Lucky going to suit them further in life?

Be Willing To Make Sacrifices and Compromises. There are going to be many people giving you advice on what to name your baby and many of them are going to be immediate family members wanting to honor others in the family tree. What happens when there is pressure to use a name that is not on your top baby name list? The best scenario in this situation is to choose your favorite name as the first name and use secondary names for the second or third name. If the pressure is really on and you do not want to upset the family use the family members name as the first name and give your child your top name and call them by their second name. It will end up being a win-win situation for everyone.